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Firms that support Concealed Carry Permits

This list is accurate as of the last time we visited or checked with the business. If you find out that a business on this list no longer supports concealed carry permits, please contact us with their name. We will then move them to the list of business's that support criminals. To contact Morris Sporting Goods please visit our Contacts page.

Ashley's Restaurants
Bass Pro Store
Big Lots Stores
Braums Stores
Cimarron Steak House
Country Fare Restaurant
Cross Roads Shopping Mall
Dans Old Time Dinner
Denny's Restaurants
Dollar General Stores
Don Pablo's Restaurants
Earl's Restaurants
Family Dollar Stores
Fazioli's Restaurants
Fire Mountain Restaurant
Harbor House Restaurant
Hobby Lobby Stores
Hollywood Video Stores
Horns Feed and Seed Stores
JoAnnes Fabric and Craft Stores
K'Mart Stores
Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurants
Kirkpatrick Center
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse's
Manhattan Bagel
Marble Slab Creamery
McDonalds Restaurants
Michaels Stores
Nothing But Noodles

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